Trinity Education:
Accessible, Discipleship-Driven Higher Education

Trinity Education (formerly known as CaCHE Global) seeks to equip grassroots leaders to start affordable and wholistic higher education programs, especially in the Majority World.

About Us

Trinity Education (also known as “CaCHE”: Church-based and Community-centered Higher Education) is a global movement that exists to equip grassroots leaders to start accessible, discipleship-driven higher education programs. By using a blend of online learning, face-to-face interaction/mentoring, and hands-on community service and application, affordable higher education can be made available anywhere with a working Internet connection and capable learning facilitators. Trinity helps bring these blended learning components together by curating and adapting quality online curriculum, training local facilitators, and encouraging a wholistic learning environment  that engages students’ hearts, heads, and hands. Our heart is particularly to serve those in the Majority World, with the goal of discipling entire nations through the influence of students with a biblical worldview and the character of Christlike servant-leaders.