It’s no secret that students in the Majority World have very limited options when it comes to higher education. For most students, attending a university is simply out of the question because they lack the financial resources, academic preparation, and social support to access higher education. And for the fortunate few who are accepted into a university, their education often doesn’t prepare them for the practical demands of our 21st century global economy.

Trinity Education provides an innovative solution to these challenges by combining three simple – but key – elements:

We empower local leaders to use their own resources and personnel (such as extra classroom space and local teachers) that can be used to provide affordable higher education opportunities for students in their country. Trinity supports these local efforts by

  • Curating and adapting freely-available online curriculum
  • Creating real-world and hands-on learning activities
  • Training local facilitators
  • Recruiting online evaluators
  • Helping our partners establish sustainable local programs

Depending on our local partners’ context and needs, we offer two different types of program options: 


A rigorous hands-on, online program to equip you with in-demand skills to boost your employability

For students who want to expedite their pathway to employment, Trinity Bootcamp is intended to provide practical employment training in a short amount of time. Our first bootcamp program is called the Digital Bootcamp, which is an 8-week skills-based bootcamp to learn HTML/CSS, WordPress design, digital marketing, and business communication (i.e., “soft skills”). Upon completion of the Digital Bootcamp, students will use their marketable skills to code and deploy a website, design visually-appealing marketing materials, and use editing software for pictures and videos. They will also learn digital marketing skills using Google Garage to create campaigns using Google Adwords, analyze business metrics using Google Analytics, and create and manage a social media marketing strategy.



Our accessible degree program is made possible through Qualifi, a U.K.-based awarding organization that is recognized by regulators from Wales and England. Programs are reviewed by Ofqual regulators in order to provide students with a transferable coursework into an accredited degree program. A Trinity student can expect to spend four years completing their accredited bachelor’s degree. For the first three years of the program, they will take free online courses and be able to earn a Qualifi certificate or diploma at the end of each academic year while staying at their local Trinity center. In their final year, they will take 10 online courses from City Vision University to complete their bachelor’s degree.

(***Update 11/14/17: Due to extensive resources required to successfully run the 4-year program, we are not currently focusing on this program. However, if you are interested in the program and have adequate resources–such as access to the Internet, computers and skilled personnel–feel free to contact us. )