The Entrepreneur Bootcamp is designed for students who want to launch their own business. The Bootcamp teaches lean startup principles, which helps students launch their business in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

  • What: A project-based, online and in-person program to help students apply lean startup principles to launch a profitable business

  • Who: Anyone who wants to start a business; English proficiency and basic computer skills are a must

  • How: Self-directed learning under the guidance of a local facilitator; an emphasis will be placed on gathering data from potential customers and selling a basic version of your product to determine if it will be profitable 

  • Duration: 6 weeks (3 meetings per week with outside homework assignments)       

  • Outcomes: A certificate from Trinity Education and a profitable business 

This program is a project-based, online bootcamp that is designed for self-motivated students. Students will also have ongoing interaction with their peers and an onsite facilitator. 

  • Online:  Students will study independently using highly-interactive online curriculum and receive feedback from their facilitator.

  • Offline: Students will freely interact with other students to discuss their learning and help each other with questions. An on-site facilitator will also provide support to keep students engaged in learning.