Trinity Education graduates possess an incredible wealth of creativity, character, resourcefulness, and perseverance – not to mention all the new technical skills they’ve learned in their Trinity Bootcamp experience! If you are interested in hiring one of our graduates as a remote contractor, here are some of the skills they can bring to your business:

WordPress Web Development Expertise 

Graphic Design Acumen 

Top-Notch Virtual Assistant Services

Digital Marketing Assistance 

Basic Coding Knowledge 

By hiring a Trinity graduate, you are doing good for our students (by helping them acquire real-world work experience and further their skill sets) and good for your business (by hiring vetted talent who come with character, skills, and a strong work ethic)

How Hiring a Graduate Works 

  1. Contact Trinity Education (you can use the form below) and let us know about your employment need (e.g., part-time virtual assistant, 3-month WordPress web design contractor, etc.).
  2. Trinity Education will follow-up with you about your employment need and recommend one or more of our top graduates for your position.
  3. You interview the graduates we recommend and choose the one who is the best fit.
  4. You formalize a contract with the new hire and pay them directly (based on the amount you mutually agree upon in your contract) throughout the duration of their employment.
  5. Trinity Education is available to intervene if any challenges or concerns come up throughout the hiring or employment process.
  6. Participate in an exit interview with Trinity and the student after their contract has ended.

Hire a Graduate

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