Work 4 A Living International

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa 

Since 2007, W4AL has been providing job training to thousands of people through 40 plus job centers across Africa and beyond. They focus on teaching those who are unemployed how to work with excellence and start their own businesses, along with furthering their skills in areas like computer literacy, office administration, and hospitality. In 2017, W4AL partnered with Trinity Education to offer advanced and innovative training programs to their students. As the first Digital Bootcamp pilot program, they will be rolling out the Digital Bootcamp to additional learning centers in Africa during 2018, and Trinity plans to offer more skills-based bootcamp programs in collaboration with W4AL International.


Ena had been in business and was frustrated by the lack of work ethic and development amongst the workforce. At the same time, she was heartbroken for many young school-leavers who had to face the employment world without proper skills, even without family members who had been in business.  Her desire to do something for them eventually led her to start WORK 4 A LIVING  program in 2007. Watch her story to learn how the partnership with Trinity has enabled W4AL to provide more advanced job skills training in the W4AL job centers.