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Joy Ministries is located in an impoverished area of Arusha, Tanzania and serves students of a variety of abilities and backgrounds. The program is facilitated by three highly-committed female Academic Mentors, one of whom moved from Kenya to serve in the program as a mentor. Pastor Jason Sinya oversees the local program and was the catalyst behind bringing Trinity to Tanzania.

Before launching the Trinity program, Joy Ministries began with English language training for the students. In 2017, students will advance to more formal English studies and continue with a Christian worldview course called Coram Deo. In due time, hopefully the students will be adequately prepared to complete a one-year entrepreneurship certificate.

Meet the Joy Ministries Team 

Pastor Jason Sinya is the catalytic force behind Trinity Education in Arusha, Tanzania. He was born to a family of 10 children in a small village on the border of Kenya and Tanzania. During his three years of college study, he wanted to become an electronic engineer, but he experienced God’s call on his life, was led to join a Bible college, and got involved in full-time ministry as an evangelist and worship leader. God turned his heart toward education as a tool to serve the community, and Joy Ministries is a non-denominational ministry of education and formation. As a leader, he connects to churches of different denominations in various locations. His hope is that the body of Christ would be united and become one, enabling them to pass good things to the upcoming generation. He is for generational change.

The Trinity Arusha Academic Mentor team is comprised of three dedicated women who facilitate the curriculum and lead the Tanzanian Trinity students. These women include Lilian Siguda (who came all the way from Kenya to join the leadership of the Arusha program), Deborah Dercos, and Nanyori Emmanuel.