Did you know?

  • There is a radical shift happening in the workforce right now. The shift is from full-time, traditional employment to independent contracting, freelancing, and part-time work. This is commonly called the gig economy.
  • Over 1/3 of workers in the United States are involved in the gig economy.
  • Nearly 2/3 of freelancers in the United States choose working from home careers over traditional employment.
  • Nine out of ten freelancers think there is an even brighter future ahead for the industry.
Sources: 30 Glorious Gig Economy Statistics and 20 Mind Blowing Freelancing Statistics That Prove Remote Work Is the Future 

Virtual Assistant Employment

Virtual assistants work remotely and assist businesses, organizations, and individuals with administrative work. The virtual assistant industry is projected to grow, and you can take advantage of the growth in this industry by polishing up your skills through Trinity’s Office Management Bootcamp. Here are some indicators that virtual assistant work might be a good fit for you:

  • You are highly attentive to details.
  • You enjoy keeping things organized.
  • You like to look for ways to make things work more efficiently.
  • You love helping others put their best foot forward!

Social Media Marketing Employment

Social media marketing is part of a broader field known as digital marketing. Did you know that there is a strong demand for digital marketers, with more jobs than there are people with the skills to complete those jobs? Trinity’s new Social Media Marketing Bootcamp might be a great fit if the following describes you:

  • You enjoy spending time on social media.
  • You have a good eye for design and like to use pictures, colors, and fonts to create interesting posts.
  • You are a quick learner and can identify new trends to stay relevant.
  • You love inspiring and motivating people through engaging content!

Website Design Employment

Having a website for your business is more important these days than having a physical business location! However, many business owners don’t know how to build their own website, which is why they hire web designers to help them. By 2026, the web development industry is projected to increase by 15%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are some indicators that Trinity’s Digital Bootcamp (which includes a strong web design component) might be for you:

  • You have a good eye for design.
  • You are technically-oriented and interested in learning computer programming.
  • You are able to take lots of information and organize it into a coherent presentation.
  • You enjoy helping others make their business/organization look good!

Are you interested in getting started with a new freelancing career? Here’s what you need to know to get started:

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Student Selection

When applying for a Trinity Bootcamp, please be prepared to complete the following admissions steps:

  • Online application (with details about why you want to join the program)
  • Typing test
  • Graphic design challenge
  • Interview with a Trinity staff person or facilitator
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