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Trinity Education Program in Riruta, Nairobi

In 2015, Trinity Education launched its second learning site by partnering with Shilce Secondary School in the Riruta area of Nairobi, Kenya.  Located in a marginalized community, Shilce has been serving the area through education since 2001. Now, through the Trinity Education college program in Riruta (named Scepter-CaCHE Training College), the potential for community impact is even greater as college students learn have an opportunity to access a wholistic higher education. Initially, five teachers from Shilce joined the team as Academic Mentors and completed the online and face-to-face trainings with Trinity Education prior to the launch.

Meet Our Academic Mentors

Meshack Oduke, Site Leader

Meshack is an education innovator and always seeks to serve his community through education. As a site leader of Scepter College, he overseas the entire program in conjunction with Trinity Education.

Tony Musuya, Business Mentor 

Tony majored in business at University of Nairobi and facilitates business courses at Scepter College. He loves teaching and mentoring students. Before joining Scepter, he engaged in various businesses including managing a theater.

Charity Mugeni, Liberal Arts Mentor  

Charity studied community development at Daystar University and facilitates liberal arts courses at Scepter College. She is passionate about helping students develop their potential to live a life that is aligned with their life purpose.