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What is SheepCare?

SheepCare ministry is located in one of the slums called Soweto in Nairobi, Kenya. Although it is not nearly as expansive as the world-famous Kibera slum—the world’s largest slum area, which is also located in Nairobi—Soweto is one of the many forgotten slums in Nairobi. Within a tiny space of only 1.08 square miles, Soweto has over 200,000 people living in it. This community is mostly comprised of widows, children, and single women, and prostitution and alcoholism are rampant in Soweto.

SheepCare Community Center

SheepCare is a Christian ministry started by Pastor Luke Jakowya in 2002 to serve the Soweto community. While he was working as a successful computer consultant, Luke experienced the tragic loss of his beloved wife in a motorcycle accident in 2001.  In the wake of his pain and loss, he found a new calling to serve the people of Soweto. SheepCare currently serves approximately 400 children in K-12th grade through educational and meal services. Furthermore, they serve the community through a variety of income-generating projects.

Trinity Education Program with SheepCare

SheepCare has been providing K-12 education through their academy, which has several hundred students, However, until 2013, they have had no solution for higher education. It was their long-standing desire to offer a college education that would also equip students through hands-on professional experiences. SheepCare is dedicated to providing higher education in collaboration with Trinity Education. As the first Trinity Education campus, five Academic Mentors from SheepCare successfully completed the Trinity Education Academic Mentor training. Most of their Trinity Education students are interested in studying IT, with an aspiration to have their own businesses as well.