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Academic Mentors are disciple-makers who facilitate learning, encourage community connections, and help with program administration and technology.


Academic Mentors are at the heart of the Trinity Education vision. Their most important role is that of disciple-maker, and they fulfill this important function in students’ lives through leading academic discussion, engaging in spiritual formation, and being a role model to their students. The relationships that students forge with their mentors are vital to the transformation process we desire for them to experience through Trinity Education.

Mentor Training

Once Academic Mentors are selected, they will go through a three phase mentor training process to be equipped to lead the Trinity Education classroom.

  • Phase 1: Orientation (Introductory meeting with local leadership and other prospective mentors, “Passing It On!” seminar [1-2 days] hosted by the local leadership)
  • Phase 2: Online course (Learning facilitation online modules [12-15 hours])
  • Phase 3: Onsite practicum (Face-to-Face practicum [3-5 days] led by the Trinity Education training team)