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Make A Difference Through Education


Equipping Local Churches/Institutions to Start a Micro-College Program

Trinity Education seeks to  equip local churches/institutions to start their own micro-college program that provides affordable, discipleship-driven higher education in a local community setting. Using a hybrid model, students learn through high-quality online curriculum, face-to-face discussion with mentors and peers, and hands-on application and community service. With an Internet connection, basic computers, and qualified local facilitators, even the most impoverished young people can have access to a quality college-level education. More importantly, by understanding God’s intentions for their lives and communities, the next generation can be equipped as future servant-leaders in their nation. 


Integrating Community

In partnership with public, for profit, and non-profit service agencies, we aspire to equip students with vocational skills that can be used by students to love their neighbors as themselves


Curriculum Development

We research and modify open curriculum resources in order to create the best online curriculum for our students. We desire to see world-class curriculum content made available to the world for free, and we utilize many high-quality materials that other organizations have already made freely available to the world. 


Partnering with Colleges and Universities

We seek to partner with colleges and universities around the world in order to provide quality online courses and specialized face-to-face courses that cannot be taught online or without expensive equipment.